The laws governing landlord/tenant disputes are governed under Chapter 39 Florida Statutes.

Orlando Florida Landlord/Tenant Attorney

Attorney Justin G. Hausler represents both landlords and tenants in Chapter 39 cases.

For Landlords

As a landlord, you derive all or part of your livelihood from your properties. With so much at stake, you cannot afford to ignore the law as it pertains to your rental agreements. Our services can help you ensure that all your ducks are in a row – whether you are approaching the initial draft of a lease or an eviction.

When you come to us with your case, we can take immediate action to implement your wishes. If you need to collect on unpaid rent, or even evict an unwanted tenant, we can begin that process immediately. More importantly, we will do everything within the confines of the law – protecting you from any legal backlash on down the road.


For Tenants

Not all landlords act as they should. As a tenant, you have rights, and our firm believes that those rights should be upheld. If you feel your landlord is acting unjustly, we can help you determine if his or her actions fall outside legal limits, and address those actions appropriately.

An eviction notice can be a scary thing. While your landlord may have the right to evict you, we can help make sure that he or she follows all legal requirements in the eviction process. We may also be able to slow down that process, giving you more time to find another place to live.

You are also entitled to a safe place to live. If you feel your rental is unsafe or uninhabitable, you should contact us immediately. We can help you take the necessary steps to make your landlord rectify the situation.


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We are here to help both landlords and tenants, and would be glad to discuss your situation as soon as you can. Please contact our office today to determine the next step you should take in your landlord/tenant relationship.