Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

When you are hit with criminal charges, it can be an unsettling and sometimes frightening experience. One day you are going about your life, the next you are staring down prosecutors who make it their job to land convictions. Read More

Family Law

When you and your spouse can no longer get along, you may consider divorce. While some people may try to file their own divorce, you should retain an Orlando Florida family law attorney to ensure that both parties receive a fair division of assets and liabilities, and have a fair custody arrangement. Read More


The laws governing landlord and tenant are heavily regulated for a reason. A large portion of the nation obtains a residence through the rental process, and the law surrounding these interactions is established on a federal and state level because of this. Unfortunately, even with significant regulation, the relationships between landlords and tenants are not always smooth, and disputes do arise. Read More

Worker’s Compensation

Under Florida law, with a few limited exceptions, all small businesses with at least four employees, or construction businesses with one employee, must carry workers’ compensation insurance. This means that if you are injured or become ill due to conditions related to your required performance at work, workers’ compensation will provide you benefits. Read More