Criminal Defense

As a Former Prosecutor, Justin G. Hausler has a wealth of jury trial experience that he brings to your case. The Law Offices of Justin G. Hausler, P.A. offers representation in all traffic, misdemeanor and felony cases. Call us if you have been accused in a case regarding:

Drug Crimes/Trafficking/Sale/Possession, Driving While license Suspended, Cancelled or Revoked (DWLS), Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Sex Crimes, Homicide, Domestic Violence/Battery, Theft/Burglary/Fraud, Bond motions, First Appearance, Jail Consultations, Violation of Probation (VOP) and much more.

When you are accused of criminal charges, it can be an unsettling and frightening. Call Justin G. Hausler before going to arraignment or talking with police. Remember, you have the right to remain silent and need to exercise that right. You may be waiving important rights and doing irreversible damage to your defenses by not speaking with a lawyer.


You are more than a number

Attorney Justin Hausler is a criminal defense attorney, practicing in the Central Florida Area who understands the mindset of prosecutors and Judges. As a former prosecutor, he has seen how good people can find themselves accused of a crime in an unfamiliar criminal justice system. Mr. Hausler established his law firm to defend those individuals who cannot defend themselves.

The power of a lawyer

The legal system is incredibly complex and you can get the best results with the help of an experienced attorney. Justin G. Hausler has a wealth of jury trial experience both as a prosecutor and defense lawyer and can assist you throughout the entire process. Your charges may be able to be dropped or reduced as a result of the work of your lawyer. There are many different motions and strategies that come into play and Justin G. Hausler is available to discuss these options with you in a free consultation.

See how we can help

The system may see you as just another number, but our firm does not. Call us, because your case matters.